Our Vision

We offer a wide range of services for every need.

I am an igniter, but I do not work alone.

Ignite the World Manifesto


What We Value

God and His Kingdom

We are God’s sparks to ignite the world for His kingdom.


We love and honor our personal family and the family of God


We all benefit through the strength, blessing, and beauty of unity.


We purposefully participate in the transformative power of knowledge and a life-time love of learning.


Within every person exists a spark to create positive change


Through the lens of transformation, every person, every circumstance can be empowered for positive change.


For us, change is not just a concept; it is our mandate.


We choose to hear every voice, opinion, and perspective.


We view failures and setbacks as vital learning opportunities.

What We Do

We inspire, motivate, and support one another.

We transform dreams into reality; ideas into action.
We ignite vision for a better world.

We ignite the sparks that light the way forward.
We encourage bold and courageous action for positive change.

We make a path for stepping out of comfort zones.

We lead the challenge of the status quo.

We foster critical thinking.
We empower individuals to make informed decisions for a better future.

We encourage resilience, tenacity, and endurance in the face of challenges.


We invite all who share our vision and passion to join us in this transformative journey.

Together, we can ignite the flames of change, empower futures, and create a world where every individual is valued, respected, and given the opportunity to thrive.

Ignite Change. Ignite the Future. Join the Movement.

What Others Are Saying

Testimonials from the folks who changed their lives – for better.

“We can’t become what we want by remaining what we are.”