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Unlock Your Purpose

A Program for Like-Minded Kingdom Builders

One of the fastest ways to live out your purpose is to walk together with others that have been on the journey where you want to go.
Join our Unlock Your Purpose and connect with other like-minded Kingdom Reformers.

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A journey to discover, embrace and living out your God-given Purpose!

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What If You Woke Up Everyday Being Crystal Clear With How To Live Life To The Fullest And Make An Impact?


Unleash and unlock your gifts today! Live out your fullest potential! Now is the time to Arise, Shine & Ignite the World!

Join our authentic community where we exist to educate, inspire and move one another forward in their God given purpose!

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Spiritual Guidance

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Professional Guidance

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Family life Guidance

What Others Are Saying

Testimonials from the folks who changed their lives – for better.

Vibeke is a woman of insight and compassion. She is utterly trustworthy and she has an extremely hard work ethic. She knows how to draw the very best out of people- affirming as she asks questions, gaining insight and understanding. And then has the ability to present it back to you, your very own strengths and storyline. Her ambition is to make others shine.
7 Mountain Influencers Diane Bickle
Diane Bickle
Founder of Glad Heart Realty & Co Founder of the International House of Prayer
Vibeke Elisabeth has a genuine love for people. She has an ability to see the gifts and opportunities in other people. She inspired me to take new steps in my life, and encouraged me and helped when I needed it the most. Her positive attitude and knowledge in business, church matters and human beings are greatly appreciated. She is not only a person who gives of herself, she is a listener and gets quickly into people’s situation. I highly recommend her coaching services.
7 Mountain Influencers Jostein Skevik
Jostein Skevik
Pastor & Professional Video/Photography

7 Mountains Influencers Founders

Peter & Vibeke

Vibeke and Peter Kiiskila are entrepreneurs with a passion to see believers be inspired to live out their purpose and Divine assignments to make a positive impact in the world.

Our vision is to inspire unity among the generations and all Christian denominations to fulfill our calling to be influencers for the Kingdom.